Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Bride #1: of body needs

As we fast approaching to the month of June, I need to start looking for the best bridal spa packages as the preparation for the big day. Whether this is a 'must-do' item in my list or it is a 'must-do' in any bride-to-be's list, I wouldn't know. But who doesn't love a little time for self-pampering session?

I'm not really a frequent spa-goer so I don't really know which one is the best spa in KL. Now, don't judge me. I love my body. But I'm quite a cheapskate when it comes to splurging on body works. I bought my spa kits from Body Shop, and a few from Soap and Glory (yay Sephora!). When you don't have any other commitments, it's okay to spend longer time in the shower. But when you are married nanti, can we still do all this? Ke patut ajak je skali husband buat DIY spa at home? =D Anywhooo, here are the list of those spas I somehow knew the existence:

Owns by local Jazz singer, one of my favorite, Sheila Majid. They have many signature spa but they didnt really specify which is suitable for bridal spa. I had my eye on their Body Glow package, sounds comforting and it costs RM320. That isn't too bad, is it?

This is the only place that I have tried and could safely say one of the best spa experience I have ever had. Their cheapest package is worth RM335 but from my last visit, they suggested that I should try the Sultana Hammam package, worth RM550. *gulp* For the same price, I can really get a pair of Steve Madden's heels which will definitely stay with me for more than 3 hours.

Tanamera offers package for head to toe treatments over a span of one month. You just need to pay RM900 and you got it all covered. I'm loving the package but time is what I don't really have. There will be a lot of ad hoc wedding works that need to be done. And to fork out RM900 for this, I'm not really sure if this is a good idea.

Found out about this place when I read an ex B2B blog. I especially love the interior (from the pictures la, don't know whether it's indah khabar dari rupa),  making it's hard to believe that it is actually located in the city. So the cheapest package they have is RM480, which covers body or spa treatment, hair cream bath/scalp treatment, manicure,predicure or facial.

How to decide if all sound so attractive? Any of you have tried any of the above? Or do you have any other places that you could recommend. Do share =)

ready to be pampered, Bride #1


  1. Babe, you should check out Chakras - it's next to Jentayu. They have a 40% discount for first-timers package. I've been there before and it's so awesome there! The masseuse are really good and super-duper nice. Just another place to consider. http://www.chakras.com.my/services.php

  2. Hey dear, thanks for the recommendation. I'll be sure to check that out. =)

  3. my favourite spa so far Lizkhan Beauty & Soul(The Strand Kota Damansara) and Pinkrose Beauty Spa (Seksyen 14, Subang Jaya). for lizkhan i just loveee their traditional massage!! hihi.n for body spa&facial,i choose pinkrose beauty spa.sgt best!

    1. are they both malay traditional spa? i have a sudden urge to try mandi bunga/lulur and what not ;)