Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Wedding Nightmares

...Turn into 'dreams come true' ! :(

On Sunday evening, while watching TV, I received a call from my nikah dress designer, Amir Luqman. He told me about a lil' problem - there are stains on the dress neck area after dry cleaning. Herrrkkkkk!

He said he will cover the stains with patched lace around the neck area. In a way, I got free extra laces than original design. Oh ok, so I'm ok with it. And he said he'll deliver the dress to my fiance's house (supposedly yesterday!). However yesterday, senyap seribu bahasa, hoihh after calling several times, no answer, and it eventually switched off.

So before I went to sleep last night, I wrote a polite email as an unhappy customer, walaupun dlm hati dah panas. Woke up this morning with a reply from Azreen, Amir's assistant, Alhamdulillah. Just now at 3pm encik tunang helped to pick-up the dress at Amir's boutique. Thank God, issue resolved. Thank you for the prompt corrective action to Amir's team and encik tunang :)

Then another thing happened, the Kate Spade item that I purchased online arrived today and it is in WRONG colour! Kaler yg hideously dull pulak tu..Damnnnnn! I hate it so much :( I just want my money back!

So many real wedding nightmares lately! Dugaan nak kawen timbul, some controllable and some not controllable - the wedding cakes order got cancelled, the guy friend who decided to come out from friendzone (err..), the ex-es suddenly making contact again (duhhh!), the money issue - income tax yg x best!, overbudget items, my newly completed house, latest are hantaran items yg blom setel2 + problematic, job transfer mcm janji kosong by the company directors huhh

OK, there's no need to continue to complain...burok! Chin up, Bride #2


  1. Banyak bersabar dear! Actually, all these things memang nampak macam banyak dugaan, but it's all becoming more visible because you are so focused on the wedding. :)

    Look on the bright side of things - you'll have a wedding that you will share with your loved ones no matter how it turns out, you'll gain a companion for life, and you'll still have people who will love and appreciate your efforts on making that day a memorable one.

    I know you can get through this ;) Good luck!

  2. Thank you so much for the support & kata2 semangat Fie. Really appreciate it.
    I'm finding my way out from all the mess, one thing at a time.

    Yes, you are right, I'll cherish the best people in my life.
    Love love love :)