Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Guestbook for His Side

To be honest, I almost forgot about his-side guestbook!
Haishh awal2 tu sibuk sgt berangan majlis belah my-side je, kene jugak pikirkan utk belah si dia..
He is a very simple man, so I chose a simple sweet guestbook for him.

A set of:
1 Scrapbook +
5 Photo Corner Stickers +
3 Craft Scissors +
7 Rainbow Metallic Pens (Blue, Green, Orange, White, Yellow, Purple, Pink)

I get them all via online from Gift For You . Many designs available, check them out.

Love. Forever. Bride #2


  1. cantik scrap book dia.. tak yah susah susah fikir nak hias lagi. hehehe.

  2. Suka lahhh..cantek sgt..hehehe

  3. Oshinz & Rina,
    Thanks babes :) Kat Gift For You ni mmg ade byk choices of scrapbook, pilih2, check them out ;)! I beli promotion kat Groupon aritu, 1 set for RM59 including postage