Thursday, 26 April 2012

Bride #1: mellow talk

37 days to go! Fuhhh can't believe it is really happening. I've been wanting to get married since I was 22 years old. Initial plan was to end my bachelor life when I was 25, but Allah has better plans for me. 3 years down the road, here I am, planning and talking about my own wedding.

A and I had an emotional talk about how life will change once we are known as husband and wife. The responsibilities and eternal commitment to one person kinda freak me out. I can't be as carefree as I wish to. 'Wife' will take precedence over 'friend'. Some things will be different, though people keep telling me don't let the marriage change you. But I know deep in my heart, changes are inevitable. Of course, I want to be the best wife to A, one he would be proud of marrying.

Emotional talks aside, all preparations are falling into places, bit by bit. Invitation cards are ready to be collected, the flow for my nikah event looks promising, logistics aspect is close to finalization, friends and families starting to get excited. Talking about excitement, my MOH has prepared a long to-do list for yours truly and oh boy, she scared me to death! We ran through the list together yesterday over dinner and according to her, I am remotely near 'ready to be married'. I begged to differ. Things are well under control, alright. At least for now ;)

On a different note, a little shoutout to my fellow Junetastic Brides...All problems and challenges are not here to stay with us. Toughen up and look forward to brighter days. Me love you two long time! *hugssss*

Missing my sayangsss (Bride #2 and Bride #3), your sayangss (Bride #1)

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