Sunday, 15 April 2012

Hellish Weeks No More Please

For the past two weeks, I spent more time at the office than at home. On average, I came home at 9-10 pm, worst was at 2.30 am last Saturday. Therefore, wedding preparation progress is zero! I was tired and easily irritated too. Even my period came 7 days late :( Stresss. Seri bakal pengantin pon xde dah.

Now that the project is in its final phase, last Wednesday I went for 3-hour spa and 2-hour massage sessions. Next day, period came, ahh so relieved. Yesterday, parents with my 3 sibling came to Kuantan. We went to see my new house, recently completed. My very first house, my own :) It feels good to invest in properties. However I do not know what to do with the house yet. Too busy.

Anyone interested to rent this? 4+1 Rooms & 3 Bathrooms

Parents immediately saw my DIY ribbons project as they entered my living room. My brothers asked what's this for? what's that for? when they saw items that are still in plastic bags. So Dad asked me to complete the wedding cards ASAP because they want to distribute the invitations already! Aiyakkk

Another thing is that I need to find a new cake vendor because my current one is unfortunately having problem with her pregnancy :( She is advised to rest by the doc. Oh dear...

Stress continues, Bride #2.


  1. hopefully jgn stres2 keh..nti ilang seri..hhehe..btw u nak sewa umah tu? area mana eh?

  2. Ok Rina, i'm slowly reducing the stress.. Nak cube dptkan seri tu ;)
    Yup rasenye i nak sewakan lah, nak jual rase syg pulak, ni kat Kuantan,area dkat ngn istana hinggap Sultan Pahang

  3. hehehe..good for u..owhh dkt kuantan..i ingt kt area selangor or kl..baru ingt nak try price..sbb i after kawen stay sane..

  4. After kawen I pon nak make a move to KL jugak hehe, kene carik rumah jugak ni