Friday, 9 March 2012

Bride-to-be Must-Haves!

I definitely believe in SPANX! It helps women look red carpet ready under any dress, women of all sizes and shapes can look flawless all year long. However, it's not my daily necessity because I'm not that rajin to wear it often huhu. I now have 2 SPANX-s :)!

1. Newly bought for the big day!
Item Name: Slimmer & Shine Strapless Slip
Size: S
Colour: Rose Gold

2. I wore this on my E-Day, bought the nude colour (this one in the picture is for my bff Noran)
Item Name: In-Power Line Super Higher Power
Size: A
Colour: Black

Both purchased from the sisters, newly-wed Kerry and Kathy.

*Thumbs Up* for SPANX, Bride #2


  1. Hehe THANK YOU Kerry! Congrats menjadi puan juge ;)

  2. Hai.

    Is the super in power line super higher power too long for you? Tinggi dia exactly below ur bra? May I know ur height? I want to make sure if it's the right spanx for me. Did u experience the top band keep rolling down?

  3. Hi dear, for that i've got myself the A size, my height is merely 150cm. It's just right below my bra, or u can wear it first then only u wear the bra perhaps (more comfortable). No issue of rolling down, I can wear it all day and it stays on just fine. Yg rolling down tu maybe pakai salah size, too big. Hope this info helps :)

  4. may i just ask what's ur weight? hehe

  5. we have almost the same height and weight. hehe hi-5. but i still wonder why some people experienced problem of the spanx long for their waist that it hits halfway on the bust. hmm..

  6. Hehe hi-5! Yeayyy... hmm maybe those people pull it too high? perhaps..
    But me have no prob with wearing spanx so far