Monday, 12 March 2012

Face & Body Spa (Must-Haves!)

It is important to look and feel wonderful on the wedding day. Spa is an ultimate way to reduce pre-wedding stress while it rejuvenates the mind, body and soul. So I decided to sign up for a spa package at my usual waxing place - Butterfly Beauty House. Nurul, the home spa owner, gave me a good deal as I've been a regular customer since last year ;) Thanks hehe. Below is my 3x bridal spa package, I plan to start in April:

For facials, I go to Charis Beauty Centre. They are very dedicated to look after my skin since Feb last year. Early this month I got 'scolded' because of the Estee Lauder serum that I added to my daily regime. Although no more dryness, the excessive moisture found in my skin is not good for long term because the serum ingredients are too rich for me and causing acne. They asked me to just stop or use it on alternate days only... Ololo...ok...tsk tsskk. Anyhow, I'm impressed that they can easily detect the changes of my skin condition - I was bombarded with questions until they discovered the fact, xleh nak tipu k! Huuuu

To ease the redness and irritation after facial extractions, they recommended this product (Environ’s Intensive Antioxidant Gel), and it works..Thank God! The small zits disappeared.

Wish I had a baby soft and glowing skin... Bride #2

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