Monday, 19 March 2012

What to wear on honeymoon?

Ohhh this is the fun part! Whenever I want to go on a holiday, I have a habit to buy new clothes and shoes. Reason: I want to avoid wearing the same clothes as in past pictures (Normal? Or is it just me?). So for the past few days I bought some new clothes for honeymoon, including this one that makes encik tunang excited + happy with big evil grin *oh-no gasp! ... Men~ huh

And guess what I found! The Lisa Surihani post wedding yellow dress! For only RM26!! Good to know that she's not the kinds of high maintenance women 24/7 ;D Cayalah Lisa. Sweet. Mix and match is my thing, for me there's no harm to mix luxury high end + low-end, style on a budget, asalkan cantikkk!

 A Lisa Surihani fan sikit2 kot hehe... Bride #2


  1. seriously Rm26 je??waaa baru je beli long dress harga RM30 kat masjid jamek.ingtkan dh abis murah. rupenye ade lg murah.wuuu

  2. salam perkenalan dr saya, B2B dari kedah...

    sila jenguk my blog & join contest sy! :)

  3. Kerry - ehh murah gak tu RM30! Berbaloi.. My officemate ckp kat jln TAR pon murah. Yg i tgk ni kene beli 8 items at least per buy,unless if jd member.

    Pika - terima kasih dtg jenguk blog kami :) will check out ur blog + the contest lpas ni