Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Bride #1: Bobbi Brown Make Up

I have one empty tray waiting to be occupied. Initially, wanted to get a pair of good high heels. Searched high and low for those that is favorable to wedding fund but I found nothing that I really like.

And so I decided to get a full make up set from Bobbi Brown. I've been wanting to try this product ever since I know how to hold a brush. It's about time to switch from those drugstore make up brand to something more, erm, appropriate. Plus, A has given a green light! He should know that this starting to take up a portion of my monthly spending, right?? ;)

Did some research and these are my favorites:

A good friend is going to States soon. Looks like I have a long email to write =)

Find your favorites here

A new fan of BB, Bride #1


  1. Love BB so much.

    Bought full set for hantaran in mid valley outlet last month...recently they gave me 3 items gift for my birthday.. so tambahan lagi untuk dulang :)...

  2. heard so much good reviews about this brand. tak saba nak try. anis punye complete set how much ye, if u dont mind to share?