Thursday, 22 March 2012

Bride #1: the progress

Sometimes I don't get why my mom needs to worry about the wedding, AT ALL TIME. At every opportunity she gets to talk about the preparation, she constantly reminded me that there's so much things to be done while I, on the other hand, can't seem to think of what are those things -__-

I'd like to think that my speed at preparing for the big day is quite sluggish. Slow but progressively looking good in time. Since the last update,

HIV Test
Dress for Bridesmaids and Tray Bearers
Invitation Cards
Hantaran Items (Bride)
Door Gifts for Solemnization
Bridesmaids' Special Gift
Food tasting #1
Design Pelamin
Surat Kebenaran Bernikah
Hantaran Items (Groom)
Wedding Bands
Door Gifts for Solemnization
Thank you Tags
Wedding Playlist
Dessert Table Arrangements
Kids Corner
Hantaran Cake
And I need to start looking for dulang hantaran and decide on which fresh flowers to be used. Hoihhhh banyak pulak benda nak kena buat!
OK, fine. Mom, you are right, Bride #1


  1. Hi!

    I have 9 dulangs that I bought for my engagement two years ago. If you want, you can borrow them from me (if cukup lah). :)

    It looks like this:

    1. Hi Fie, thank you for offering. I'll have to discuss with my sister who will be doing my hantaran arrangement. I'll be sure to check with you okay? =)