Thursday, 1 March 2012

Very busy and no time to prepare?

Had a chat with my big boss. Suddenly he gave million dollar questions. Asked about my wedding preparations. Yeah, he's aware that im getting married. Before i able to answer him, he guessed "Very busy and no time to prepare?". I replied with a smile to agree with him.

Therefore here goes my checklist( i hope to get it done 1 month before)

Wedding checklist:-
Done List
1) Set date n time for akad nikah - done
2) Book dewan nikah, tok kadi, catering - partially done
3) Dresses - done
4) HIV test - done
5) Tempah gubahan hantaran - done
6) Tempah kad kawin - done
7) Doorgift - done
8) Photographer - done
9) Tempah handbouquet - done
10)Henna - done
11)MUA - done
12)Baju family - done

To do List
1) Tempah thank you tag
2) Buy hantaran items for him
3) Submit borang nikah, etc
4) VIP doorgifts
5) Pay depo catering nikah
6) Fitting
7) Follow up with caterer (design pelamin,entertaiment etc)
8) Guestlist

Long way to go. Yeah we can do it!!

Bride #3

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