Tuesday, 21 February 2012


My wedding cake vendor, Sarah from Flavox Patisserie surprised me today with these:

Her sister is my colleague from Bukit Jelutong headquarters, fly (outstation) to Kuantan office this morning and bring me some red velvet cupcakes. Sarah just want me to get a taste, oh so sweet ;) terharu, thank you! The homemade cupcakes have just the right amount of sweetness that make it a light and tasty dessert yum yum.

For my June wedding, I'm ordering fondant cakes from Sarah - 1 for hantaran and a 2-tier for cake cutting ceremony. I purposely choose different flavours for each - Chocolate Moist, Rainbow Cake and Red Velvet, because I want to taste them all! Hehe tamak.

Gluttony is my deadly sin, Bride #2

P/S - I'll be meeting my wedding dresses designers this weekend, can't wait!


  1. Menariknya...am looking for wedding cake too. Recommended eh? hihi

  2. Sedapppp! Approved by friends at office sebulat suara td, contact la Sarah, her price for fondant cakes pon seriously cheaper than market ;)