Saturday, 11 February 2012

Exclusive Reveal : Reception Dresses Design

After almost 1++ month, my reception dresses designer, Khalik, informed me that the dresses are 60% completed and we can now arrange for 1st fitting session, yeawesome! However, since I'm in Kuantan, I will probably return to KL on 24th or 25th. Can't wait to see how they turn out! But I'm nervous at the same time...

I don't mind sharing sketches of my reception dresses design, hopefully Khalik pon x kisah la jugak I share it here. I want the dresses to have "sweetness" and "chic" with a contemporary feel. Definitely the dresses are not traditional wear huhu, sbb nikah dah traditional so yg lain2 nak modern2 plak ;)

Dress 1
A floor-length soft pink chiffon dress, lace layer/patch with heavy golden beads on top.

Dress 2
Champagne colour duchess satin dress with heavy duty purple + brown embellishment and vertical ruffles bottom.

So tell me, would you wear these? , Bride #2


  1. wow marvellous..must be very pretty letop2..x sabar nk tunggu pic sebenar :)

  2. Hallamakk..cuak ni expectation tinggi..gegege
    I just hope the dresses will look exactly like the sketches!

  3. 1st dress simple tp WOW..xsabar nk tgk ;)

  4. Thank you ladiesss! I'm dup dap dub dap deborr tunggu outcome nyer

  5. im sure it will be better from the sketches! rina pn xsbr nak tgok :D

  6. That sound lovely, thank you for that reassurance Rina!

  7. the design:)

  8. Thanks Anis.. Glad korang comment2 rase ok, now I don't have to worry much about design, just worry about the outcomes