Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Macam-macam Update


Lunch at Paddington House of Pancakes

I went to The Gardens alone, had lunch alone, and all alone until 4++pm. Then I met my wedding cake vendor, Sarah with her cute son. We had tea session at Pastis Cafe & Dining. She showed me some cake designs to be considered. I already agreed with the hantaran cake design - there will be small daisy flowers all around it. For wedding cake design, just 2 tiers, she'll try to make them appear higher than ordinary 2-tier cake. However, we haven't finalized the type of flowers to be put on top. I don't mind what type of flower as long as it's not roses, not that I hate roses, I just want something different.

A while after, my bff (puke!) guy friend, Zaidan came to join us - we've been friends since primary school. Both of us are supposed to do some shopping together later. Good to find out that somehow there are mutual friends between Sarah, me and Zaidan - kecik sungguh dunia! Then I accompanied Zaidan to do all his shopping - I didn't buy anything at all, good for me eh. This guy spent RM2k++ in less than 3 hours, sepatutnye just 6 items jadi 8 items, pastu cerewet mcm perempuan! :p

Kesian SA tu terpaksa layan customer mcm ni

At 9++pm, I went straight to see encik tunang, heee on the phone dia mcm nak marah je balik lambat. So I bought him a set of J.CO donuts ;). Around 1am we went out to Mosin TTDI together with his bff Fatt and Tasha, couples date hehe.


Met Munirah, a b2b, first thing in the morning. Haha sorry gal, u got to see my selekeh morning look. Anyway, I have to say that I'm impressed (and proud) that you are able to manage all the wedding preps all by yourself. Cekal ok, go girl!

At 2++pm, Khalik Mustafa 1st fitting session for reception dresses (both dresses are 60% completed).

Khalik is getting the exact measurements, full dress is still a secret

Dress No. 1

Looking at my Dress No. 1 (pink + gold)... Err I'm actually kind of worried! It was not love at first sight for me, I think it's going to be a long "courtship" between me and that 1st dress herkkk cuak ni :S. I expressed my strong concerns to Khalik and he reassured me that it will look beautiful after all of the embellishments completed. He will also add cancane to the dress. So baiklah, bersabar until 2nd fitting session next month. Please be va-va-voom!

Dress No. 2

But my reaction to the Dress No. 2, ahh it was absolute love love love :D! Although without beads + sequins + swarovski + the little details, it already looks great, 100% love it! I can confidently wear it to any awards show hehe berangan sbb smlm tgk Oscar Red Carpet. Btw, nude coloured dress is trending this year. Nude is an elegant and feminine alternative to this season's pop colours. Well mine, not so nude, but close, bole laaa.

Then, me and mr. fiance went to Pavilion. We only entered 2 stores - Fossil and Havaianas. Had our late lunch at Ichiban Boshi - sedapppp!

With the designer, Amir Luqman

At 5pm, Amir Luqman 2nd fitting session. The mini kurung is basically completed, only left to shorten the kain a bit je, then Amir said he will send it for dry cleaning. It is very simple and sweet. However the veil is still not ready, so I can't fully imagine myself in my nikah dress yet. I'll come again next month to pick all of them up. Suke the patch lace beaded details ni :)

My Pure White + Soft Pink Nikah Dress

From there we quickly went home, met another b2b, Fieza + her fiance + her niece. Had a little chat with them about their E-Day and wedding preps. Pleased to meet you and all the best Fieza!

Around 8pm, went out again for dinner with my family, together with my fiance and FMIL. Afterwards, all of us had supper at future-in-law's, up until 12pm - Byk pulak bapakku borak ngan FFIL. Finally, drove to Seremban, home sweet home.


Breakfast with Dhuha and hubby at McD, lil' sister tagged along. Lunch at home. Cake session with Sha (my MOH) at Secret Recipe Senawang. Drove back to Kuantan alone, reached home feeling feverish, neck pain, body aches all over. Not good, not good.

Penat sgt dah bdn ni, Bride #2

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