Monday, 20 February 2012

Bride #1: the failed mission

The hantaran shopping spree in Paris was just my wishful thinking. I had to get the earlier train back to Geneva because they thought working on a Sunday could be as fruitful. So I only have whole day on Saturday for the tours AND hantaran hunting. Having a male companion with me didn’t help much. Thought that he could help me out in giving opinions of the things I wanted to buy for A’s hantaran. By the end of our tours, he was already too exhausted that I felt bad dragging him around the shopping places. I did make a visit to LV store in Champs Elysees. Was lucky that the queue to get in wasn’t too absurd but stepping into the store, there you go. Not a single aisle was accessible. I couldn’t get my hands on the bag that I want. These mad mad shoppers were really hogging the place! Feet already begging for some rest that I gave up and ended up not buying anything. Hoping I could at least get the Salvatore Ferragamo shoes that A wants but by the time I saw the store, they were already drawing the door closed. Gahhh! Can’t believe this happened to me!

As of now, all the items in my hantaran list are almost done (I kinda did all the hunting myself). I had my colleague to help me buy the LV bag, though I’m a tad sad that I wasn’t the one paying at the counter and holding the paper bag (jakun much? ;)). But still thankful that it’s way cheaper than in KL. Bought a perfume set from diplomat shop in Geneva for CHF84 (RM280). Thinking to get either Clarins skin care products or Bobbi Brown make up set to fill up the trays. For A, I only managed to get him the Guitar Hero and DJ Hero set from Izyan. Such a savior! What’s left are his shoes (2 pairs), perfume and work/casual clothes. The rest, just include what can be included ;)

A few shopping tips in Paris:

1) First, get the metro ticket, Paris Visite Pass. It’s way more convenient than having to buy every time you need to get on the train. More info here

2) There’s a famous outlet called La Vallee Village. It’s only accessible if you take the Paris Visite Pass for zone 1-5. Wish I had one more day to spend here =(

3) Shopping at Champs Elysees can be quite challenging. Since this is the famous street for the leading brands, expect huge crowd. And please be reminded that you won’t find Longchamp store here. I was unwary for not doing any research beforehand. Thanks to a lovely lady I bumped into that told me it’s easier to get Longchamp bags from Printemp at Boulevard Haussmann.

4) Bring enough money cos you’d be surprised at how affordable some things are!

Shopping-deprived, Bride #1

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