Saturday, 11 February 2012

I'm Hooked on Kate Spade!

I bought another hantaran item today (for me!) via online from Kate Spade New York. I even called Kate Spade store at The Gardens, Mid Valley City (03 2284 1468) just to do price comparison heheh. Bole la save sikit when you buy online, lagi save kalau ade kwn bole belikan + bwk balik dr US tu...

Heart of Spades, Bride #2


  1. There's one just open at klcc..i went once tp geget cari je..

  2. i br pg yg kat the gardens pnya last week..not bad laa but i think better bli online..bole save :)

  3. Intan - I heard about the new KLCC store, tp x pegi lg..bahaya takut x dpt tdo mlm sbb brg2 dia comel! Mostly I tgk yg on SALE je hehe

    Munirah - If can buy online without the shipping cost lg best kan! ;)