Monday, 13 February 2012

My (Possible) Bridal Shoes - Aldo

Found this stunning 5 inches pump at Aldo website, featuring satin upper that extends over the platform, peep toe design, and sparkle appliqu├ęs across the back. Although it's not in Gold colour ;( sob sobb, but that won't stop me searching for it when I'm back to KL next 2 weeks!

Others that catch my eyes are:

I've tried this on before at Aldo Pavi! Nice colour + design + height but it reveals toe cleavage, which I don't like - I think mine looks SUPER ugly!

This is an example of toe cleavage - yay or nay?

And for my Bali honeymoon, I want this:

Haihh semua pon nak, Bride #2


  1. 5 inches babe? if only I could wear one...Encik tunang kata dia rendang better find yg not that high haha

  2. I can't live without heels! (Dramanye statement ni)..I'm only 5ft huhu and I will be standing next to a 6ft tall man!
    Lucky u, x payah sakit kaki pakai heels extra tinggi ;)

  3. i xleh pakai heels..cuz im a tall bride..n my future hubby pun tinggi sket jek dari sy..huk huk...i luv the first design :)

  4. Woahh bole dpt anak tinggi2 Rina ni,best! I can only rely to his genes for that haha