Thursday, 21 June 2012

Bride #1: off to the moon

This weekend right after Bride #3 and the owner of FL Adore's receptions, A and I will head to Seoul for our express honeymoon. Why express? Cos I will only be there for 2 nights while A gonna continue for another 2 nights to attend a conference.

Am so psyched to see the room that we've booked!

source google

Notice the open concept of the bath tub? ^_^

Promise more reviews when I'm back okay?

All in for another vacation, Bride #1


  1. Eh, u're going for Farah's wedding? Me too :)...future vendor tu hihi.. see ya :)

    1. insya Allah but I'm gonna leave early sebab my flight tengah malam. weeeee good choice dear! see you! =)