Friday, 15 June 2012

Bride #1: flower power

Guess you would probably know where I got my stocks of fresh flowers. It's none other than Floristika located in Bangsar. Since we were buying in a large quantity, my sister and I paid a visit 2 weeks earlier to make a booking. True, it was like a huge icebox that we were literally shivering in there. Make sure to plan ahead on types of flowers you are going to use. We had troubles choosing and ended up ordering more than what needed. Overspent part uno.

Look at our car trunk!

Another place which we frequent to is in Petaling Street, Weng Hoa Flower Boutique. Here was where we got all different types of flower foam holders. Can't really say if the price was reasonable since we didn't really bother to compare them with other flower suppliers. Parking is quite a problem so if you plan to go here, make sure someone else is driving. Ehemm thanks BIL! ;)

What we used:

photos from google

Dan hasilnya...9 trays of hantaran for A. Utmost gratitude to my sister for putting these all together. Love you, Along!

photos by my sister and best girlfriend (pardon the amateur collage user)
Rainbow cake from Bite Me!

Hand bouquets, specially arranged by my super best girlfriends.

photo by Acestudio and moi

They stayed up 'till the wee hours just for this, after being my hands and eyes during the final set up at Duchess Place. 'That', my dear, are true best friends.

In a serious depression mode, Bride #1

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