Friday, 8 June 2012


 For the very first time ever, tebalkan muka beli sendiri sorang2 haha. Bile cerita, Mr. Fiance thinks I'm so tak malu standing and staring at the shelf selections (at Watson's) for so long. Whatever~ he officially has 9 'admission tickets' only :P

Me being a music person, x termuat lagu2 favourite, sume pon nak masuk

Yesterday, I started to receive angpows weeee :D

Still stuck in Kuantan, Bride #2


  1. i bought 'admission ticket' for my hubby too! haha..and he asked me ' tak malu ke nak beli ' coz he's so malu nak beli .. haha...for me, peduli la, bkn nak buat maksiat pun, already halalan toyyiban! =)

  2. Same la kte haha..funny kan, tp knape nak malu kalo bende btul kan kan ;)
    All the best dear!