Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bride #1: The Union

During the last few hours, a lot had to be done. I got 'Team Hantaran" which consists of my sister and 2 cousins and "Team Attend-to-the-Bride's-Needs" of my 3 best friends.  A day before, we checked in at Somerset for what to be my final single night with them. Booked 2 rooms at a special rate I got through one of the #Wengurls who happens to stay there for her attachment in KL's office.When I left the house that afternoon, mom and I started crying, realizing the next time I step foot on that house, I'd be a wife. It was quite an emotional moment, though it was only the time to go to the hotel not to get married per se.

That evening, while Kak Norish was doing my henna, "Team Hantaran" rolled up their sleeves, drowned themselves in the pool of fresh flowers, restrained their desire from finishing my cupcakes (or so I was told), trying to finish the arrangements, a total of 9 trays. They were:

Formal shoes

  DJ Hero


Casual Shoes

 Sejadah + Nabi Muhammad Biography (I took away the kain pelikat)

Formal Clothes

Wedding Ring

Rainbow Cake by Bite-Me!

Sirih Junjung

 It was the time I felt totally pampered, there was someone to help me answer the phone, someone to shove food down my throat, someone to be my messenger, just someone to be the other 'me' at final preparations. Awesome work "Team Attend-to-the-Bride's-Needs"!!! Couldn't deny I enjoyed that brief moment.

Come the auspicious day, the day I was about to be taken as someone's lawfully wedded wife, the day it was right to say "It's show time!"

Woke up at 6am, showered and put on Garnier Lightening Peel Off Mask (as suggested by Renee ;) ) while waiting for Khir, the Acestudio and Avicenna team to arrive. My 3 girls were still sleeping at that time, poor thing had to stay up 'till 5am to finish my hand bouquets arrangement. I'm just so lucky! *sobs*

I was ready by 915am and then it was time to head to the Duchess Place to meet my man the rest of the families before the akad nikah. The moment I saw my parents, my mom was already sobbing and I started to tear a bit. It's just a family 'thing' you see, the girls are all a weeper. Then I saw my bridesmaids, all 9 of them looking sweet in their peach dresses. Apparently two of them had a 'dress malfunction' but it was all sorted out just in time for the event. Thanks girlss! ;)

A and family arrived close to 10am, together with his entourage clad in pastel green baju melayu. Then it was time for me and my girls to march in. I was expecting a lengthy speech from the tok kadi but before I could really settle myself down, Ayah and A had already exchanged the 'ijab dan qabul' dan dengan 1 lafaz, D sah menjadi isteri kepada A =) or as I'd like to call it, #awediha is finally united

Muke excited nak kawen

My pretty bridesmaids

After the lafaz wakalah wali

Mom started the cryfest

Short and sweet, Tuan Haji ;)

photos from various sources

So, there you have it girls. I kept my identity a secret partly because of this wedding was quite a closed event for my family and I. Not many people knew that I was getting married, well not many knew I even had a boyfriend. That was just how I keep some things to myself. Anyway, A and I are both ready to embrace what the future may hold for us. Pray for us ya!

My deepest thanks to my family, for putting up with my indecisiveness, for tolerating my sudden outrages and for accepting my crazy ideas.

My 3 best girlfriends, indeed a 'Fanstastic Four' we are. Words wouldn't be enough to show how grateful I am to have you three around, it felt like a big weight was lifted off my shoulder. Really, thanks a lot!

Junajunies, my twinkies, my kitty purry (ok don't mind the names, it's just how I categorize my friends) hurmm where do I begin? We all know we have shared so so much! Part of this happened because all of you. Thanks sayangssss!

Phewww, Bride #1

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