Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy 2013! (Dresses for SALE)

Dear readers, on behalf of The Junetastic Brides, I would like to wish y'all Happy New Year 2013!
Especially for those bride-to-be-sss of 2013 out there, the passing days are going to get more and more meaningful. On a budget? It can be tough too, budget wise, you will get more and more demanding about what you get for your money. You should be, which is why I've got little offers on my wedding dresses. I want to sell them out because I don't know when and where I would wear them again. You can save big bucks, price ranging from RM1200-RM1500 for each (Trust me, that's more than 50% off its original price). The dresses are all in good condition as they're worn once or twice only. Size is a bit of problem hmm because all are customized to my body - so buyers with petite little body are my perfect target market hehe.

Just to make it clear, the dresses are perfect for these vital stats:
Bust: 30"-34"
Waist: 23"-26"
Hip: 32"-36"
Height: 148cm-162cm
But I don't mind if you really really want to try the dress on first just to make sure you look nice wearing it.
Here are the pics for the 3 dresses. Leave a comment here or email junetastic.brides if you are interested k :)
Dress 1
Designer: Amir Luqman

Dress 2
Designer: Khalik Mustafa

Dress 3
Designer: Khalik Mustafa

Last but not least, have fun preparing for your big day, and have a great, chic year ahead!
Lots of love, #Bride 2.


  1. boleh bagi quatation setiap 1 baju????
    material yag digunakan???

  2. Hi dear, sorry for this late reply
    Dress 1 (Nikah Modern Kurung) RM1200
    - Chiffon, satin, beaded french border lace
    - Veil with same french border lace all around (The veil alone costs me RM800! because of the lace quantity used)
    - Great cut, fit my body nicely, sedap pakai

    Dress 2 (Princess Dress) RM1400
    - A lot lot lot of chiffon, lace on top, heavily beaded and roses detailings at one side, ada separate net cancan skirt utk bagi kembang jugak
    - Long double layer veil with matching beadings

    Dress 3 (Elegant Dress) RM1350
    - The fabric mcm cotton satin/silk, lace on top and heavily beaded with a lot of stuff
    - Half veil with matching beadings
    - My personal favourite

    All materials are actually by the designers (My role was just telling how I want the dress to be hehe)..
    Let me know if you are interested to try it out :)