Saturday, 16 March 2013

Hantaran Trays Design

I'm in the mood for hantaran trays lately because I need to complete a set of it as my wedding present for my brother. The happy couple will be married end of this month. Last night I managed to complete all 5 trays (with my husband as my little helper hehe). This is actually my 3rd time of doing hantaran trays - 1st was for my E-Day, 2nd was for my brother's E-Day. I'm getting better at it, I think. These are completed in an hour only haha. If there are any brides out there looking for gubahan hantaran trays service, I'm willing to do it at a very reasonable price! Just contact me :)
All the raw materials for the hantaran trays are bought at Nilai 3 last weekend, total cost around RM170 (exclude silver trays cost). I do not use fresh flowers here as I don't want to risk the rush on the night of the big day itself. As kakak pengantin, I think there will be lots of other things that I need to assist at the last minute. Well, just in case.
Having said that, that's why I did not do my fresh flowers wedding hantaran trays myself. Ikutkan hati mau, but then takkan bride herself nak bersengkang mata siapkan hantaran sendiri di malam hari hihi. So for my wedding last June, I ordered my fresh flowers hantaran trays from Merisik Gallery, both for me and the groom. It costs me RM70 per tray, 5+7 = 12 trays x RM70 = RM840. Haishhh, harga tu mmg rasa nak buat sendiri kannn! But thankfully, Merisik Gallery delivered beautiful trays design as I expected them to be, so no headache there, recommended. Complaints I have on them are that the hand bouquet that I ordered, huhh the "fresh" flowers already lebammm, burokk, ended up x pakai langsung, membazir RM100! And their service was not friendly like other vendors - known problem before I approach them anyway (my husband and a friend who used their service felt the same way too). Thank god my MUA team made one hand bouquet for me, very fresh and pretty, so I used that one instead.
5 hantaran trays design from Merisik Gallery + 2 extra trays by groom's aunty

For Him - 7 hantaran trays design from Merisik Gallery
Honest and true, Bride #2.


  1. alphabet tu buat hantaran nih nmpk laen dr yg laen =)

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