Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bride #2 1st Anniversary Plan

Hello March.
Believe it or not, it's 9 months already, that's almost a year since the wedding. Weee!
Happy news that Bride #3 is a Mom now :D congrats dear! and Bride #1 will be one really really really soon!

As for Bride #2 (Me), she has to overcome her fear of losing freedom first as how she overcomes the fear of being committed to just one man haha. To me personally, the idea of raising another human being is tough. To be a great mom, I have to admit I question myself a lot..hmm promise I'll be ready one day :)!
Let's move on to a more interesting topic. The 1st anniversary. Well, I'm super excited over this bacause me and my man have decided to go for weekend getaway celebration in June. Flights and resort are confirmed and fully paid, I just need to patiently wait for another 3 months tho' -___- . Next is to plan what we can do together to make the day memorable. Maybe a romantic dinner over clear ocean waters? couple spa treatments? Ahhhh~

(All pics are taken from the resort website)

How do/will you celebrate your first anniversary? Share with me the stories and tips.
Live, love, cherish, Bride #2.

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