Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bride #1: Commencing the House Projects

As we speak, both A and I are currently maintaining two houses, 'The Love Nest' and the one where we have a loyal tenant for almost 3 years. We are in the midst of letting go the latter to buy a landed property, hoping that that will be for the family expansions. Thus, location and facilities offered are very very important. For weeks we have been scouting around to find the one that suits our budget. Staying at a place within 20km radius from both offices, less than 10mins drive to major places in the city (minus the traffic of course), we can't afford to compromise the privileges.
Here's the thing, most landed houses in our area are reaching millions even at their selling prices. For ones that could really fit into our budget are super far, from work, from my parents' place, from civilizations (ok, I'm a bit exaggerating here). A got worried at the thought when he somehow left something at home and had to make a trip back from the office. 60km per trip? Phewwww can't imagine doing that for the rest of our working life...
But really, why rush when you are only starting your family now right? Told A that maybe we can put buying another property on hold. We could try to make 'The Love Nest' as homely and baby-friendly as we want it to be.
So now, it is time for house make-over! I always love bedroom with hardwood flooring. Think this gonna top the list. Some inspirations I got from the www.
Know any good contractors?
ID wannabe, Bride #1

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