Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Bride #1: The Photographer

Pffftttt it has indeed been a while since the last update. Banyak sangat dah hutang for wedding reviews ni. Anywayyy, here's hoping that this post will somewhat help the B2Bs to decide who to hire for their wedding photographer.
I came to know about this photographer from Bride #3 when she casually mentioned it in our group chat. Looking at their website, I was not really impressed. The photos were heavily edited that they look superficial. I wanted something 'clean and fresh'. So I approached a few other names like the The Whiteroom, Afnan Omar, Bak Hafiz, Daniel Zain, Shutterspeak....just to name a few. But they were either not available on my date or, well, a tad too overpriced for my budget.
Then I stumbled upon the 'rejected-photographer's' new photos on their FB page. It wasn't like their previous work, the ones which were heavily edited. Figured it was fated for us to work together and so the 'magic' happened...

*include edited and un-edited photos
And that my ladies, are the wonders from my photographer, Acestudio Photography.
Breathing again, Bride #1

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