Friday, 16 November 2012

Experiencing Miracles

Hi everyone.
Its been awhile since i last post a blog here. Kesian ex bride #1 and #2 yg rajin update. Ampunnn.
Since long holidays and nobody really working on friday. So its a good time for me to update this dusty blog >_<
Marriage life is so much fun, roller coaster ride like some said and I'm experiencing it aswell. Since hubby doing most of the house chores, so I have no complaints to cook nice food for him. Ececece.
Still an amateur chef, so hari2 tgk masterchef nak dpt idea memasak. Since hubby is not a fuzzy type so its a good start to try all sort of recipes that I see on net. Mama quite impress coz she knows i never handle the kitchen myself alone. Oven je blum rasmikan lagi. Since Im using electric kitchen, so i never experience any bau gas lagi.Scary. Hehehe.
 As ex bride #2 visiting foreign countries, I myself dont miss the change to visit Johor Bahru. Cuti-cuti Malaysia. Brother in laws treats the whole family to Legoland and accommodations. We stayed at Villa Warisan, JB. Recommended to all Bali style villa lovers. Im loving it myself. Breakfast not much variety but still a nice combination. Legoland was not bad, despite the dry weather. As a pregnant lady, I was excused to sit on the nearby bench + cuci2 mata while waiting for them to finish the ride. Stress ok.
Hubby pun keep looking for me after each ride, takut bini kene culik kot :P 
Everytime I asked him hows the ride, he would answer "oklah" maybe try to make me feel ok. Ecece.
We did go to Mustapha, Spore 2 nights before deepavali and the crowd was crazy. I bought some cutey stuff for my baby. Hubby couldn't resist it aswell. Geram la tuu :P
I'm planning to go there again if my health permits. Long distance travel by car bring no comfort to my body.
Last but not least, newborn checklist long way to go. Now need to search a reasonable price and clinic location to do 3d 4d scan. Hopefully be able to see the gender. Senang nk shopping. Huhu.

psst: Will post about Theater Tun Dr Siti Hasmah later. Tggu la I gi tgk dulu ok. :P

xoxo, x-bride #3

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