Sunday, 8 July 2012

Life & Change

Wedding is crazy, fun, fast and exhausting experience. After 3 hectic weeks, this weekend I got my alone time in Kuantan. I've been cleaning up the bujang house all day, did 2 rounds of laundry, folding up clothes yg dah berbukit x lipat.

I also completed our honeymoon scrapbook album :) using the wedding gift by Aina + friends. I hope this album captures the details of our special trip and keep that elated feeling in our heart.

And soon I need to plan on packing my stuff to move to Kuala Lumpur in August. Life's big decisions are often made in an instant, like this one:

Yahhh, I resign from my job, for this I just follow my "go for it" inner gut feeling. I got instant hutang as I breach the 9-year contract with the company $$$ ppffftt (bcoz of my PETRONAS education scholarship).

InsyaAllah, ade rezeki lain demi niat nak jalankan tanggungjawab isteri utk suami. But no baby plan at the mo', that will have to wait dulu ye huhu.

I struggle, but I'll survive :), Bride #2


  1. Hi diyana! Congrats on ur wedding n sorry sgt2 xdpt dtg ur wedding :) i think ur decision is right!rezeki ada kat mana2 n everything happen for a reason :) LDM is sucks! good luck in the future :D


  2. Hi Munirah :) it's ok. Thank u for the words of encouragement, I'm positive, insyaAllah. U know + "suffer" more LDR than me hehe I wish u all the best too! Keep in touch :D Take care

  3. Sedeynya...terkejutnya...huhuhu... Nati chemreg majuk nk ngadu ngan sapa? Huhuhu....sedeynyaaa....

  4. Alamakk akak baru tau ea.. Don't worry, I'm sure the bosses will get good candidate to replace me ;) Hehe ChemReg baik, x majuk punye la system tu