Thursday, 19 July 2012

Bride #1: The Venue

 Disclaimer: This post is in no mean to jeopardize the future of the suspect. Peace!

When it comes to talking about the wedding venue, I’d say I might be the unlucky one who received an unfair treatment from SOME of the people at the DP. It was not the worst experience ever but sure enough an unpleasant one. Come to think of it, am I that much of a fussy client? Well, you be the judge =)

I’ll walk you through the process of getting the venue of my dream when it first started back in October 2011. As most of you brides would do was to get in touch with the ‘front-man’ and that’s how I met Dominic (bukan nama sebenar). First meeting was like doing a ‘site-visit’, my first time to set foot at the DP, and true enough it was love at the first sight. There we talked about the packages that they have, what’s included and what’s not. And then came the quotation, listing all the necessary details for a client’s info which includes the date, time, no of guests, menu for the minimum price you pay, extras (PA system, rela, free rooms, surau), payment structure.

I had been very detailed at describing the ‘feel’ that I want for my wedding i.e: colors, props, the dais design (was informed that I was not allowed to bring in ‘outside’ vendors), the flows, the selection of the food etc. Ok, honestly not much of a theme, but at least I specified which shades of the colors that I preferred. I even created a document with photos from the net that I saved for inspirations, gave them a sample of the ribbons I used for door gifts. Talk about going the miles for people who should be ‘working’ for you.

The payment structure was divided into 3 parts, being the final payment to be made during the final food-tasting session (total of 3 sessions). One of the things that I began to question, ‘what would happen if they mess up during my wedding day? Will there be any compensations?’. However, as not to ‘mess up’ with their minds, I abode to the arrangements, which were all explained in a set of quotation they provided me. 

We requested to reduce the no of pax from 750 to 600 due to the number of people who had RSVP-ed but this was not agreed by them. After much persuasion the number was reduced by 30 pax. I, then, understood that, well, business is business. Kekecewaan tapi pasrah #1. 

The price per pax that we agreed was for the following dishes: 
Nasi Hujan Panas, Nasi Putih, Gulai Kurma Daging, Ayam Masak Bulbul, Udang Goreng Bercili, Sayur Campur Istimewa, Acar Timun Karot, Sambal Belacan, Keropok Ikan 

My parents and I almost agreed at the menu when we went for our final food tasting session. The above, but with fish butter replacing Udang Goreng Bercili. A then proposed that the dishes would go better with prawn butter instead of fish butter and so we had that changed. I was really surprised when they informed me that by doing the changes, I had to pay RM3.50/pax for replacing FISH with PRAWN. Can you see where my frustration started? They had specifically laid out a list of menu in the quotation which already included PRAWN and yet asking me for additional money for making the changes. I began to lose my temper (literally yelled on the phone ;)) so I stressed on what were agreed in the quotation, just to make my point. Did I really get what I requested for? The answer is: NO. And I only found out on the wedding day itself when I was being served at the ‘meja beradab’. Kekecewaan tapi pasrah #2. 

The buffet stations were taken away at 4pm, but I was ‘promised’, (again, it was all in the quotation, we might not pinky-swear but whatever that's in the paper is as good as a binding agreement) that my event could run from 12pm-5pm. Guests who came after 4 didn’t get to eat, not even a single drinking station was left behind. Kekecewaan tapi pasrah #3. 

Decorations were nothing short of amazing. The process towards getting the final result was however, a pain in the a**. I requested small cushions for the dais in turquoise/aqua blue, orange and silver. Can you tell me if these are really turquoise/aqua blue? 

Kekecewaan tapi pasrah #4. 

Despite of all frustrations, the food was GREAT (tak tipu, memang sedap!), Dominic handled my wedding AMAZINGLY WELL, my guests were HAPPY and to receive A LOT of nice compliments from them really saved me from going crazy.

3 weeks after the wedding, I sent an email to the people at DP, expressing my disappointment at those shortcomings which could have been avoided while of course, showing them my gratitude for their hard work. Kita orang melayu, nak marah pun kena beradab =) I did not expect a refund neither I want them to re-do the whole thing (a second round of the wedding?, probably not) but rather I want them to handle my complaints professionally. Perhaps, as simple as ‘WE ARE SORRY WE SCREWED UP YOUR WEDDING HAHAHAHA’ but but, as we speak, no signs of replies from any of them. Kekecewaan tapi pasrah #5

Anywayyyy, if you plan to have your wedding at the DP, by all means, go ahead. Arm yourself with truckloads of money cos that would kinda solve everything. 

 This place has a special place in my heart, that’s where A and I were officially announced as husband and wife. Therefore, there’s no such thing as me holding a grudge against them. As I said earlier, I might be the unlucky one.

Make love not war, Bride #1

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