Wednesday, 8 August 2012

New Life in KL

Hi dearies, I'm still coping up with new life. Change : like a 360-degree turn. Wuhuhhh.
Anyway, married + KL life is interesting.

Berbuka at in-laws' house (almost everyday huhu)

Traffic jam sucks!

Our little love nest is still in progress. The main colours are black, white and red.

I hope it's not too late to wish everyone Selamat Berpuasa :)
Love, Bride #2


  1. selamat berpuasa.
    theme rumah kita sama la. :)

  2. Heee yeayyy same :)!
    The colours help to bring the fresh clean modern cozy feel

  3. selamat berpuasa... ;)
    wendu sama kamoo la si chemreg expertise..ngeee...
    dah kerja jgk kah?

  4. Hi Kak Ina...rindu juge, how's raya preps?
    Kerja sudah ada :)